Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ten Ten Ten

I haven't written in this space in nearly three years. I started this blog as a spot to preserve all the memories that are formed when I am not off exploring the world. It was to help me with my transition back to the 'non-travelling' life. A place where I could reflect on the fulfilling experiences had while simply living my life.

So in honour of the fact that today is October 10th, 2010 (ten ten ten) here are ten things I have done in the past three years that I haven't blogged about

1. I got married
2. I graduated
3. I hiked the Overland Track in Tasmania
4. I moved to Vancouver
5. I got a new job
6. I bought a house
7. I hiked the West Coast Trail
8. I renoed my house
9. I went diving in Malaysia
10.I bought a dog

Well I think I've just compiled a list of what one could easily call monumental experiences and some fairly fascinating travels. I would love right now to be able to look back on blog entries of those events and read my thoughts at the time. Luckily they all carry vivid memories so there may be time yet to write about them....perhaps I will do just that right here.

I have other ideas for this blog so watch this space.