Sunday, March 13, 2011

springing myself into action

The rain has been falling steadily, heavily and miserably for 24 hours now. Its one of the weekends where just looking outside completely drains me of the motivation to do anything. The type of weekend where I have to make a to-do and put things like Get Shower; Brush Teeth so that I can feel like at the end I actually accomplished something.

It doesn't help that Chris is at a course both days this weekend. Or that I have a slight back twinge happening. (Maybe I should add Do Yoga to that list)

I have tons of little projects that I could be using this lazy rainy time to tackle. Sorting out photos from our vacation and writing up a couple of blog entries would be one small fun project. Doing our taxes is one less fun but more fruitful project.

Writing this blog post has already helped me clear out some of the energy zapping cobwebs in my head and I think I might actually shake off these rainy day blues and get something done. Right after I finish my coffee while watching another episode of Gilmore Girls.