Sunday, October 08, 2006


Although I am without the colourful changing of leaves and pumpkin pie I thought it suiting to create a small list of things I am thankful for. Some may be a little shallow some not so much so.

Colleen – Chris’s mother has opened her home to me these past months when I have been refinding my feet as a student. I get to live in a little garden paradise only 10 minutes walk from the waterfront. Sure it is an hour commute to school but it truly is a small price to pay.

Opportunities & Choices - I spent six months of the past year in countries where most people, men and women included don't have a single choice in what occupation they will take on. I have been lucky enough to get not one degree but I am now getting a second in an entirely different field.

My friends and family - who while they are a world away can make me smile with a phone call or an email.

Torrents – I’ve managed to get my hand on this season’s newest episodes of all my old and new favourite shows. Australia TV is truly a shocking thing. It is all sports and what I like to call filler TV. Shows that one would typically find on weekend afternoon TV back home somehow make their way primetime here in Australia. Travel shows, countdowns of the top 20 whatever, and health lifestyle are what is on offer. Thank goodness the blessed internet gives me access to Prison Break, Studio 60 and The Office among others.

A wide variety of food - Living on rice and beans for six months made me appreciate the range of food that is accessible in a multicultural country like Canada or Australia. Just here in our neighbourhood we have some of the best Thai, Indian and Turkish food I have ever sampled.

My Boyfriend - Everyday when I wake up I am thankful that I have in my life the kindest, funniest, sweetest and wackiest guy in the world.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

(Nearly) Full Moon Rising

Another mainly photo post. Friday night Chris and I headed down to the waterfront to watch the moon rise. Due to some unfortunate smog on the horizon we didn't see the actually rising but it was still a relaxing evening. So these pictures are just a little more of the place I call home in Australia.

Drinks on the Pier

Spotting Aquatic Wildlife

Views on the Waterfront

More of the Waterfront Scenery

Monday, October 02, 2006

Brushes With the Stars

The other night while enjoying pre-dinner drinks at Oxford 152, a bar that on first impression screamed trying way to hard, I had my first Australian celebrity sighting. And quite possibly first ever real celebrity sighting. Not exactly what one would expect in Brisbane. But it happened nonetheless.

As she walked past I did that don’t I know you double take/half smile. To which I received a smile back. I turned to Chris and mouthed “I think I know that girl” and Chris smiled saying “yeah, that was Toni Collette!”

She looked fabulous with a short cropped hair style and far more cute freckles than I would have thought she possessed. Perhaps that is her disguise method because she glided through the bar on the arm of her date without a single person stopping her.

So not Lohan or Hilton A list but it provided a little thrill

Oh, and I quite enjoyed In Her Shoes. Anyone with me?