Thursday, June 29, 2006

Leaving on a Jet Plane

So once again I am off. Only this time the purpose is not fun, adventure and travel. Well those aren’t the principal objectives. This time I am off to discover a new path in my life. A path that I have been three years searching. Not that I am entirely sure I have found it, but for now it certainly feels like I could be onto something good.

The butterflies in my stomach constantly remind me that I am not embarking on the same old type of plane journey. This plane would be taking me to Australia and onto my new life as a masters student in the Economics Department at the University of Queensland.

But before landing there would be reminiscing of my three years as a wanderer. For three years I have defined myself as a traveler. Wrapped up into a nice little package. I was the one who chose the different path, who gave up a reasonably comfortable existence as a working city girl. I gave up the money, the ability to buy whatever it was I wanted, whether that be new shoes, a great meal or a new coach, and I gave up the security in order to figure out what else might be out there.

Along the way there have been stumbles and triumphs, smiles and tears, moments of unspeakable awe and mind numbing boredom. But now I am ready to define myself in a new way. Someone who is ready stay for awhile in one place, Geographically at least. This is the time for a different type of growth and discovery. This is the time to reflect and look forward to a new type of life. A life with a very special boy by my side. A time to decide if I really am cut out for this settling down thing.

Monday, June 26, 2006


I can't believe that was how Australia went out. A penalty kick in the 94th minute???? Even after they pressured the Italians again and again throughout the game and were favoured to win during the second half. I am not ashamed to say a few tears squeaked their way out of my eyes.

In other news my final weekend in Ontario was spent first in the Niagara region watching my amazing father run his way to first place in the oldies group of his 50 km ultra marathon. An inspiring crowd as usual. Enough to push me to get out and buy some running shoes. Now I just need to be inspired to get out and use them.

Dad pysches up before the race. Mom and Erin watch eagerly for the start Dad is focused just past the turnaround point at Niagara Falls

Then it was on to Toronto for Mike's housewarming where much drinking and catching up with old friends was on the agenda. And Calum managed to take many pretty pictures with his fancy new DSLR. Check out his blog to see the results. I pulled up a bit worse for wear the next day but well worth the pain.

Friday, June 23, 2006


So in the past several days I have thrown out bags upon bags of junk that have been festering in my parent's basement for three years. I suppose I will never recall what drove me to feel that it was necessary for me to save thirteen bottles of moisturizing cream all in varying scents and varying degrees of fullness. Or shape magazines from a time when Dawson's Creek was still the most happening show on the WB.

There is something very liberating about throwing out a phone charger from a phone I haven't seen since 2002. Or finally letting go of clothes that I haven't worn since university.

There is also something very permenent. When I packed up my Toronto apartment three years ago and stored everything in that corner of the basement it was with the assumption that I would return to reclaim my things in a year. But what is it that they say about the best laid plans....

And now all my valued possesions will be spending at least another year and a half in hidden from the light of day. But there is much less of it now.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Good Memories

While transferring pictures to my macbook I have been enjoying some great memories.

Chris and I in San Juan del of my favourite pics of us from my trip. It was near the end of our time together in Central America.

Kirsten and I near Bow Summit. We had gone for a little hike while Chris was treking up the mountain for a snow board session. The entire day was amazing as we drove from Banff to Jasper and experienced the beauty that is The Icefields Parkway.

Heather's wedding last summer. What can I say....good times all around. Heather should get more married more often.

And finally.....

Chris, me, Elsa and Jeff....our weekly hikes are what got me through the final weeks at Sunwapta.

Monday, June 12, 2006


Weekends are a valuable commodity when I visit home. I have to cram as much time with my loved ones as possible in two short days. This weekend was no exception. Friday was drinks and dancing, Saturday was winery tours and Sunday was a baseball game. Much alcohol consumption and too little sleep but all worth it

Though afterwards I couldn't stop thinking about our Friday night. So let’s forget for a moment that it has been well over three years since I have frequented any clubs in the Toronto area. But I have been pondering why even in the company of my best girlfriends I failed to enjoy our little excursion to BLVD (the new My Apartment) on Friday night.

We were on the hunt for a spot where we could enjoy a few drinks and then dance the night away. But a combination of lame music and pretentious attitudes kept me from truly enjoying the night. Apparently the scene has always been this way, but I don’t recall ever having a night where I couldn’t rise above, ignore the attitudes of those around me and enjoy my time. At least not at any level that a couple quick drinks couldn't fix.

The whole atmosphere stank of cheap club clothes, hormones and attitude. Where were all the people who simply headed out on the town to have a good time? Perhaps I have just been spoiled having lived for six months in a culture where dancing is a part of the culture. Where people go out to have a good time by dancing, drinking and hanging out with friends. Sex while an underlying tone just didn't have the dominating presence that I experienced on Friday night.

Is this something lacking in the North American culture? Am I just going to the wrong clubs? Or am I just getting judgemental in my old age?