Friday, July 07, 2006


It is only the 7th day of the month and already I have exceeded the download limit on ChrisÂ’s broadband. In my defense 2GB a month is basically peanuts and I did understand it to be 2GB a day. So I wasn't entirely ignoring the imposed restrictions.

Ever since my return from Central America I have begun the hard readjustment to the limits of real life. Everywhere I look I am faced with more constraints. How much I can spend. How much I can eat. Things will only worsen when classes start in a couple of weeks and my time becomes more constrained that it has been in years. It is enough to drive a girl to the next plane back to freedom.

Which leads me to the water restrictions here in Southeast Queensland. In the midst of the worst drought on record politicians in Australia have finally decided to do something about this water thing. Three years ago not a word was uttered about the problem of water shortages and now there are endless billboards, tv adverts and flyers in the mail telling us to conserve, conserve, conserve. A girl can't even wash her hair without being racked with guilt about the devastating environmental repercussions.

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