Sunday, August 13, 2006

Tales From an Apple Convert

So I have joined the masses with their ipods. A nano to be exact and I love it! It is so shiny, and white and fits right in my pocket. Apparently all that poo-pooing of people with their silly white headphones was really just deep seeded envy. Suddenly every aspect of my life must have a playlist soundtrack. Commuting to school, studying, hanging out the laundry. The fun never stops.

And then there is the joy of the podcast. I am currently working my way through CBC's Definititely Not the Opera before I move onto exploring the other treats on offer on the CBC website.

To think three months ago living in Nicaragua I stared at my friend with a perplexed look when the word 'podcast' escaped her lips. A pod-what???? Good god, I have come a long way. Now here I am off to school, macbook in my bag and silly white head phones in my ears.

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