Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Week 6 Already

It is Week 6 of the semester yet it feels like things just got going. My life has been study study study lately. The joys of academia. I had forgotten how much I thrive under the pressures of the student life. And being on a campus again makes me smile smile smile. With its setting right on the Brisbane river and massive sandstone buildings surrounding the Great Court (my fav spot to to sit and waste time between classes) I think it might be in the running for one of the prettiest campuses I have seen. See what I am talking about and go here to take a virtual tour.

My commute to school is a little over an hour but it is made a little easier on those days my train connects with a ferry rather than a bus. Plying along the river, gliding under bridges, watching the sun sparkle on the buildings it hardly feels like commuting at all.

So life is good. The only thing that is missing is that great feeling of commraderie I had with my fellow Indys back at UofT. It was always comforting to wander into the common room and find someone to commiserate with about our latest on slaught of assignments. We were war buddies. I've met loads of people in my classes but since my classes are made up of people from many many programs we often only see one another for a few hours a week. Hardly the stuff upon which life long friendships are formed. That Indy spirit is clearly lacking but I am managing. Plus with an invite to a party this week things might be achanging

And I can't complain too much. I have the world's most amazing guy in my life,who now that his assignment away is done, I get to come home to every night. Not too shabby.


Glenda, saved by grace said...
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Nadine K said...

Just wanted to say keep up the blog. Jealous of your trip back to student life but happy you are enjoying yourself!