Sunday, September 24, 2006

Grapes, Grooves and Global Warming

This past weekend was the Grooves and Grapes festival put on by the casino in downtown Brisbane. In Australia festivals are not limited to the summer months, but with the sun shining and the temps unseasonably warm the weekend did have that summer is coming buzz about it.

My expectations for the music were hardly optimistic. Aren't casinos the venues for hasbeen 80's artists still attempting to milk their 15 minutes. Admittedly, I was drawn by the grape aspect of the day. But we were pleasantly surprised to find our ears blessed by jazzy beats and talented artists bordering far more on cutting edge than washout.

And the wine certainly didn't disappoint. In the past, Queensland wines have been the underdog of the Australian industry but it is more recently developing a more respected position. We sampled some tasty pinots and merlots. But my favourite was a cabernet sauvignon sporting a label that look reminiscent of something my parents plaster on their home brews and costing all of $10. Is it so wrong to love a $10 bottle of wine so much? It was just a perfect drink for sitting beneath a shady tree on a hot spring day.

But before we ventured to the festival we saw An Inconvenient Truth, a movie that should be mandatory viewing for everyone in the world. Who would have thought that a two hour powerpoint presentation could be so enthralling?

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