Monday, October 02, 2006

Brushes With the Stars

The other night while enjoying pre-dinner drinks at Oxford 152, a bar that on first impression screamed trying way to hard, I had my first Australian celebrity sighting. And quite possibly first ever real celebrity sighting. Not exactly what one would expect in Brisbane. But it happened nonetheless.

As she walked past I did that don’t I know you double take/half smile. To which I received a smile back. I turned to Chris and mouthed “I think I know that girl” and Chris smiled saying “yeah, that was Toni Collette!”

She looked fabulous with a short cropped hair style and far more cute freckles than I would have thought she possessed. Perhaps that is her disguise method because she glided through the bar on the arm of her date without a single person stopping her.

So not Lohan or Hilton A list but it provided a little thrill

Oh, and I quite enjoyed In Her Shoes. Anyone with me?

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