Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Christmas, Cricket and Campus

Today I headed into the city and was greeted by a 100 foot Christmas tree shimmering in the midday light. It caught be completely off guard that Christmas really is only a month away. Somehow standing in 30 degree heat with the sun piercing my skin staring at this gaudy display just seemed to wrong.

Christmas in the City

I am so glad that in not too long I will be landing in the cool crispness that is December in Ontario. I am officially putting in a request for a blow out snow storm while I am home. Who would have thought that I would be writing this but I actually miss snow. I have even been dreaming about it lately.

The other thing I noticed while strolling around downtown was that the Poms have arrived. Poms are the ‘affectionate’ name for the English down here. The tourists have arrived in flocks to watch the first match/series/game (whatever you call a sporting event that drags on for five days) of the Ashes. For those that don’t know, and I wish I was one of them, the Ashes is cricket. I am already sick of hearing about the silly thing and it hasn’t even started. Apparently they play these game things all over Australia for the next two months. Another reason I am happy to be escaping to the land of ice and snow.

But the thing I really noticed about these packs of visitors is that you could totally tell they were English. Even before they spoke. It wasn’t that they dressed differently. And despite the jokes they don’t really look paler than the average Austrlian who doesn’t spend their days at the beach and instead works for a living. There was just a certain something about English guys. I can’t quite identify it. But I’ll let you know if I do…..

I then headed to campus and took some time to enjoy the beauty of the campus without having stress about when my next assignment is due. I really do feel lucky to go to such a photogenic campus.

The arches of centre court

Campus lake where I eat my lunch most days

Ducks are amusing until they start attacking me for my lunch

Jacaranda Trees
These were much more impressive a few weeks ago
when they were completely ablaze in purple

My transportation to school

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