Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Smell of Completion

I am officially completed the first semester of my masters. Only two more to go. But before that there is three months of summer vacation ahead.

My brain is bubbling over with thoughts that I have been pushing down in order to make room for more pertainent matters like remembering the effects of trade restrictions on small open economies with floating exchange rates. But I hope to do much more writing and reflection in the coming days as I attempt to relax and recover from the stress.

But in the meantime these are some pictures of a trip I made to the Australia Zoo recently. Chris and I recently played tour guide to his visiting cousin (by marriage) from France. Well he did most of the touring. I mostly studied but I was dragged out for this one excursion. Just one thing....Koalas are freakin' adorable.

At the Wings in Flight Show


Feeding Time

All Full Up


Just Freakin' Adorable

The Requisite 'Petting the Kangaroo' Shot

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