Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Anyone Have Change for a Hundred?

Guatemala is experiencing a minor monetary crisis. Things are somewhat improved since November when people would line up for hours early in the morning to get money out of the atms before they were emptied. Luckily, now on occasional days, the atms have money until at least noon. There is simply an extreme lack of bills in circulation at the moment.

When the atm does spit out money it is in 100 quetzal notes. This is only about $15 cdn but noone ever has sufficient change. I hate the look of panic I invoke when I pull out a 100 to pay for my purchase.

And the government's solution to the monetary crisis? From what I have heard their intent is to release a batch of 500 quetzal notes. In a country where a cup of coffee costs 10 quetzals one can only imagine how helpful this will be for all the day to day transactions occurring in this country.

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