Monday, March 26, 2007

where have you been all my life????

I have started a new love affair with Wikipedia. I have used it here and there in the past but have only realized in the past 24 hours how useful it truly is. I have a meeting with my professor after class today about a seminar I am shortly presenting on foreign aid in developing countries. But sadly I have not been able to sift through the stacks of journal articles he thrust upon me after our last meeting, Happily though a quick search on Wikipedia for "Foreign Aid Effectiveness" revealed a page summarizing the three most important articles on the subject. A cheat sheet for my meeting if you will.

Certainly not sufficient to start writing an essay but certainly enough to get me through a 20 minute update meeting.

It has also been saving my life for my Industrial Economics class. The professor talks at us for three hours spewing out economic terminology until my head starts to spin. With no recommended textbook to use a safety net I was beginning to feel the startings of a stress ulcer formulating every Tuesday morning. But now I just make a little list of all the terms I should know and then one by one plug them into Wikipedia to obtain concise descriptions and neatly displayed graphs.

So a big thank you to all those altruistic people out there contributing to Wikipedia and saving me from the fire that is this semesters workload.

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