Wednesday, April 11, 2007

sand truly does get everywhere

We decided quite last minute to spend our Easter break on Morton Island, a large sand dominated island just off the coast of Brisbane but after much calling around we at last had a spot on a vehicle barge and Saturday morning we packed up the car and headed off for a choppy ride across the bay. It was a fantastic mini-break despite the intensive and unrelenting winds plus occasional showers. I am in the midst of writing a paper but here are the highlights:
-awaking on the first morning to the most perfect rainbow I have ever witnessed
-seeing dolphins, manta rays, and sea eagles all from the comfort of our campsite
-forgetting the attachment for the camp stove and doing a stealthy raid to 'borrow' a hose from a discarded stove
-watching the sky turn from mauve, to tangarine to fiery orange each night
-heading out for a drive just after dawn and just enjoying the islands colours in the early morning light

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