Wednesday, August 15, 2007

ten memorable places i've lived

10. Whitney Hall, Toronto - I started my 20s by opting for a second year in university residence which meant more meals at Fung but a third floor room with views of the CN tower.

9. The Pink House on Robert, Toronto - infested with mice but with the appeal of proximity to campus

8. 77 Hazelwood, Guelph - my parents may have moved homes but they still welcomed me back here anytime I was 'between addresses'

7. 21 boxgrove, Wynnum - Colleen welcomed me into her home first as a poor backpacker and later as a poor student. Only 10 minutes from the ocean it meant many runs along the waterfront.

6. La Casita, Nicaragua - the volunteer house in Granada where I lived with a veritable revolving door of fellow volunteers. It was overrun with ants of varying sizes but there was always people around with whom to have a great chat.

5. Westerham, Taringa - the first apartment that Chris and I could truly call our own. It was decorated on a budget but came with the liberating feeling of independence.

4. Fernie, BC - a couple different roofs covered my head in this little locale but its appeal was mostly in its small town charm. Cozy coffee houses, one small main street dotted with arty shops and the world's greatest omelettes at the Blue Toque

3. Sunwapta Falls Resort - Our room may have had the dimensions of an oversized shoe box but I would awake in the morning and tilt my head at just the right angle without even raising it from the pillow and I would be greeted with the most spectacular mountain backdrop. Then of course the were the frequent black bear sighting in the vicinity.

2. Our Dodge Ram van - travelling through western canada, stopping at deserted campgrounds, For a brief time it was my home on wheels.

1. Glenforest Rd. - The one place I spent the greatest number of consecutive months and it was shared with the world's greatest roommate


Nadine K said...

Ahhhh, Glenforest.

Walks to the subway in the cold, a crazy landlord, and the best party layout ever.

I miss both it and my roomie!

H said...

I miss those Glenforest days too! *sniff* And I didn't even live there (at least not officially).