Tuesday, October 30, 2007

a shift

After yesterday's rainy day poor attitude it was nice to awake this morning to sunny skies and birds chirping. I also read a couple of blog posts that reinforced my shift in attitude. The first about child soldiers in which the author writes that unlike pessimistic views that child soldiers are destined to be "damaged, traumatized pariahs", they are in fact "psychologically resilient, peaceful, and enjoy significant support from their families".

The second examines good news emerging about the global gender gap. The 2006 World Development Indicators are showing increases in female school enrollment with girl students outnumbering boys in many countries. Labour force participation also shows that in the majority of countries the percentage of women in the labour force is increasing including countries such as Iran and Libya.

Interestingly enough Ricardo Hausmann started his post on the gender gap by writing "We are all so affected by bad news on so many fronts – rising global inequality, a looming economic crisis, a warming planet, etc. – that we seldom take the time to savor the good news when they happen."

Wise words to remember on bleak rainy mornings. So like I predicted yesterday....back to cautiously optimistic.

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