Sunday, January 09, 2011

The face of anticipation

Fletcher is a pretty perceptive dog. He is half border collie and they are the world's smartest dog. Fletcher has learned that certain preparation activities mean that outdoor adventures are afoot. Generally this involves grabbing equipment and clothing from our 'outdoors room' (aka the downstairs extra bedroom). He watches Chris and I get dressed in our merino layers and ski pants and it is almost as if you can hear him thinking 'oh, this is going to be a good day'. Many of the times he's right. Like last week's snowshoeing excursion on Burke Mountain.

But sometimes all this preparation means we are going skiing and snowboarding. And sadly most ski fields don't let dogs on chair lifts. It's so sad seeing that happy face, full of anticipation and knowing that we're going to have to leave him behind.

Luckily he is easily distracted by food. Much like me.

After a day skiing doing absolutely anything I love throwing together a homemade pizza and kicking back with Chris. Homemade pizza is the meal most likely in our house to trigger the comment 'I love our life' from either of us.

Summer pizzas are my favourite when I am able to slather on homemade pesto, tomatoes from our garden, a freshly snipped herbs. But wintertime pizzas are not too shabby either.

Last night's consisted of spinach, goat cheese and caramelized onions among other yumminess.

While I tried to snap a picture last night Chris whined noted that his dinner was getting cold. When we finally dug in, not only was it not cold but the crust bottom was that little bit extra crispy from leaving it on the stone leading Chris to proclaim this was my best pizza yet. I take his praise with a grain of salt since he makes this statement nearly every time so obviously the boy is easily pleased.

What are your favourite pizza toppings? Do you make your own crust? (I don't, but I definitely plan to give it a try at some point)

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