Thursday, June 29, 2006

Leaving on a Jet Plane

So once again I am off. Only this time the purpose is not fun, adventure and travel. Well those aren’t the principal objectives. This time I am off to discover a new path in my life. A path that I have been three years searching. Not that I am entirely sure I have found it, but for now it certainly feels like I could be onto something good.

The butterflies in my stomach constantly remind me that I am not embarking on the same old type of plane journey. This plane would be taking me to Australia and onto my new life as a masters student in the Economics Department at the University of Queensland.

But before landing there would be reminiscing of my three years as a wanderer. For three years I have defined myself as a traveler. Wrapped up into a nice little package. I was the one who chose the different path, who gave up a reasonably comfortable existence as a working city girl. I gave up the money, the ability to buy whatever it was I wanted, whether that be new shoes, a great meal or a new coach, and I gave up the security in order to figure out what else might be out there.

Along the way there have been stumbles and triumphs, smiles and tears, moments of unspeakable awe and mind numbing boredom. But now I am ready to define myself in a new way. Someone who is ready stay for awhile in one place, Geographically at least. This is the time for a different type of growth and discovery. This is the time to reflect and look forward to a new type of life. A life with a very special boy by my side. A time to decide if I really am cut out for this settling down thing.

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