Monday, June 26, 2006


I can't believe that was how Australia went out. A penalty kick in the 94th minute???? Even after they pressured the Italians again and again throughout the game and were favoured to win during the second half. I am not ashamed to say a few tears squeaked their way out of my eyes.

In other news my final weekend in Ontario was spent first in the Niagara region watching my amazing father run his way to first place in the oldies group of his 50 km ultra marathon. An inspiring crowd as usual. Enough to push me to get out and buy some running shoes. Now I just need to be inspired to get out and use them.

Dad pysches up before the race. Mom and Erin watch eagerly for the start Dad is focused just past the turnaround point at Niagara Falls

Then it was on to Toronto for Mike's housewarming where much drinking and catching up with old friends was on the agenda. And Calum managed to take many pretty pictures with his fancy new DSLR. Check out his blog to see the results. I pulled up a bit worse for wear the next day but well worth the pain.

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