Saturday, January 13, 2007

Fast Friendships

I have obsessed ad naseum about my failing to make any meaningful friendships during my first semester at university. I've tried to think of many reasons for why this would be. I blame limited interaction time each week. My dedication to my studies. But mostly I just wonder if there is something wrong with me.

But here I am in Xela and within a week a have found myself caught up within a group of fellow students that I have naturally clicked with. There are group dinners and yoga classes with a large group of girls. Then of course there has been the chance for long catch up sessions over coffee with Carrie, one of the closest friends I made during my travels last year who is now living more or less permanently here in Xela.

One could suppose that studying spanish at a socially progressive school in Guatemala attracts a rather narrow spectrum of people. Certainly narrower than an economic masters program at a large university in Australia. And one could futher suppose that these are people that I could easily find things in common with that go deeper than discussing the answer to question 3 on this week's problem set.

So it certainly doesn't solve my friendless issue back in Australia. I worry that after all this travel and meeting new people so fluently I may have lost an ability to develop friendships back in the real world. But for now I am excited to spend the next few weeks getting to know these people with so many interesting experiences.

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