Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Rough Start

So who knows if it was the altitude, the flights or just the long day in transit but I managed to come down with a particularily nasty strain of cold. I spent most of Sunday shivering under blankets watching Harry Potter and other movies dubbed into Spanish. I did manage to drag myself out long enough to observe a typical Sunday afternoon in the market. Families leaving the church and buying ice creams. Market stalls filled with colourful textiles. Pigeons patrolling for leftover scraps of food. Guatemalan life that continues to fascinate me as the pictures will attest.

But sadly my day of rest did little to heal my sick body. Things only got worse and now I have completely lost my voice. I don´t really need to explain what a pain is to try and learn to speak Spanish when I cannot even speak.

Luckily I have moved in with a lovely family. My house mother has been filling me nonstop with homemade soup and tea with honey. So hopefully it won´t be long before my voice is on the mend and I can do more during my five hours of class each day than written exercise after written exercise.

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