Sunday, January 21, 2007

Photo Post

I just passed another great weekend in Xela and so there is lots I want to write about. But for now I am just going to post some photos. The first few are images from a hike I made with some fellow students from my school. Our guide was a member of the guerilla (the revolutionary fighters from the civil war) and the spot that we hiked to was one of their encampments during the war. We sat right where they had cooked, slept and trained listening to stories of the hardships endured by these guerilla as they fought for to improve the lives of the underpriviledged in this country. The spot is now used by the Mayan for spiritual ceremonies and offerings and provided some spectacular views.

My poor lungs were suffering though on the climb up (damn this nagging cough.) The guerilla would do the same hike at night, in the freezing cold, carrying upwards of 100 pounds. My shocking lung capacity combined with the fact that a friend and I took a slight diversion when we lost the group led our guide to tell me I would have made a poor guerilla. Hardly Surprising

Mayan Cross

More of the beautiful vista

The Group listening to our guide's stories

Typical village courtyard with drying corn

Village buildings

View of Tajumulco Volcano...the highest in Central America

The remaining few are some more scenes about town.

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