Thursday, March 22, 2007

That Crisp Autumn Feeling

It is technically autumn here in Australia. And lately I have had urges to wear jackets and scarves and go for a hike in a forest filled with technicolour leaves crunching beneath my feet. But that is not to say that the tempertures here warrent such a wardrobe. First of all, the crisp autumn feeling comes from the temperatures dipping below 20 degrees at night. There are no brillant displays on the trees. The flora here just never evolved to display a myriad of colours in a firey display before heading into their deep slumber.

Autumn in Australia is actually beach season. It is just too hot to be out in the sun during the summer months so once the daily max reaches only the high 20s people flock to the oceanside to truly enjoy the offerings of this island nation.

It is in the times of seasonal change, when I am reminded of the differences between Canada and Australia that possibly I miss home the most. But it is also the time when I truly appreciate the chance I have had to live in places where the term 'seasonal changes' is open to interpretation.

Just for reference these are some of the images that have been running through my head.....

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