Monday, March 19, 2007


I have had a really hard time settling back into life in Australia. I suppose it has to do with a great December spent with my wonderful family and friends followed by a great January meeting interesting new people who shared so many of my interests. Since I have been back I have found myself often engaging in mindless activities just to numb my thoughts of all the people at home that I miss so much. So instead of studying my time has been spent surfing the internet for new ways to procrastinate, charging up too many purchases on my credit card or watching bad australia tv. Anything but studying that is.

I have lost sight of what is really important and why I am actually here on the other side of the world to begin with. Sure partly it is to be closer to the man I love. (Of course it doesn't help that 75% of the time said man is 600 km away) But more than that it is the chance to study in this program that the moment I found it I knew it was the path that would lead me closer to where I wanted to be.

I am not putting this out there to get a boost from anyone out there in cyberland or anything like that. I just want to document this moment of enlightenment so that tomorrow I can get up and start afresh.

So can we start again?

Second semester? Hi, my name's Alicia. Nice to meet you.

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