Monday, June 04, 2007

at last something on my walls

So after more than three months in my new apartment I have at last gotten around to doing some decorating. Mostly I have been restricted by budget but when I found a deal from a local camera shop offering $2.00 8"x12" enlargements I had to take advantage. Finding frames was a bit of a challenge since it is isn't the most popular size for photos around but I happened up a discount store with $4.00 document frames that worked with just some slight trimming.

I am extremely happy with the photos. I have never before enlarged any my pictures before and I have never been overjoyed at the quality of the 4"x6" prints that I have had done. Seeing them in such a tiny size was always such a disappointment after seeing them displayed on my computer screen. But the enlargements come so much closer to capturing the great colours and bringing back the great memories of my travels. Finally justification for always taking my photos on the highest quality possible and dealing with the aggrevations of more frequent trips to internet cafes whiles travelling in order to clear the card once again.

I am now inspired to continue my decorating on a budget kick. But first there are exams to be studied for. Yet another thing to look forward during my break.

Here is a peak at my wall (though this photo hardly does it justice)

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