Friday, August 17, 2007

ten fun activites in which I engaged

10. surf safaried up the New South Wales coast - I never really got the knack the standing on a board but one special evening as I was paddling out into the waves I witnessed a school of dolphins that made the entire experience worthwhile.

9. bungee jumed in New Zealand - this was more nauseous than fun and it will never be completed but I am glad I tried it at least once

8. saw paris at night from the top of the eiffel tower - after purchasing Heineken beers from a man carrying a cooler we decided to take the elevator 'right to the top'

7. camped on a beach - there is something so pure about waking up in the soft sand and watching the sunrise over the ocean

6. attended spanish school - it made my brain hurt on more than one occasion but it is true what they say about full immersion being the only way to learn a language

5. hiked the inca trail - the scenery, the amazing people I met, the challenge and of course the astounding mythical Manchu Piichu made this one of the most amazing four days of my 20s

4. sailed in the whitsundays - three days of living in my bikini, diving straight off the boat into clear blue waters, drinking under a sky of stars and then being rocked to sleep....not too shabby

3. climbed a volcano - well two actually. both up there with some of the hardest things I've ever done but worth it anyway

2. scuba dived - i may have learned in a chilly Canadian lake, but I won't be repeating that after experiencing the warm tropical waters of Mexico, Honduras and Australia. If I weren't a poor student I would be doing so much more of this.

1. toured western canada in a van - we parked in deserted campsites and nearly froze to death on more than one occasion but for a brief time we had no time limits and no schedule. we just enjoyed the amazing scenery on offer.

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