Saturday, August 18, 2007

ten sunrises & sunsets i've watched

10. while enjoying a picnic in the Champs de Mar and then watching the Eiffel tower light up

9. while climbing Volcan Santa Maria in the cool and early Guatemalan morning

8. while enjoying a candlelight dinner in the shadow of volcanos on the roof of our hostel in Antigua

7. while drinking cocktails on the beach in San Juan del Sur

6. while awaking in a tent on my first beach camping trip

5. while freezing my butt off in the Australian outback near Uluru

4. while drinking wine on the pier on the waterfront in Wynnum

3. while sitting on the beach in Port Douglas, Australia - my first sunrise over the pacific ocean

2. while overlooking the floodplains of Ubirr in Kakadu National Park

1. while hiking the final metres of the Incan trail and then watching the mists rise off the ruins of Manchu Picchu

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