Tuesday, August 21, 2007

ten random memories of times enjoyed

10. treking through the highlands of Thailand, sleeping on floors of wooden huts and for the first time witnessing a completely different way of life first hand

9. driving to Montreal with the girls for the Jazz Festival in a car with no air con, only making it to Kingston on the first night and having a great time wandering the city despite certain encounters with the criminal element

8. heading out to baldwin street after my final exam as an undergrad and drinking Sangria on a patio, moving on for more drinks downtown and finally ending up at the Phoenix for some dancing

7. lying in a hammock at a practically deserted beach on Koh Phagnan Thailand for three days reading book after book

6. attending the 'best conference ever' in trois rivieres with the crew from indy0T0

5. being a bridesmaid in Heather's wedding and loving every girly minute that came with that honour

4. hosting Christmas, housewarming, go-awaying and no real reason at all parties with Nadine at our glenforest apartment

3. travelling to Cozumel with my family and savouring my first experience of scuba diving in tropical waters with all the pretty coloured fish

2. taking the train all around England, staying in hostels and hiking through lush green countrysides on my very first solo journey

1. driving the Icefields parkway for the first time with Chris and Kirsten in our van Franklin, being utterly amazed at the majestic scenery and knowing that this would be a neighbourhood for the next six months in this unforgettable area

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H said...

Awww...it was a honour for me to have such great bridesmaids! Over two years ago now--crazy!