Wednesday, August 22, 2007

ten things i've been grateful for in my 20s

10. that i always have a home to return to in Guelph

9. that i had the opportunity to live in one of Canada's most spectacular national parks

8. that i have generally been physically healthy and I was inspired by my parents to be fit and active

7. that i meet Nadine and Heather and we've maintained strong friendships even with my many absences

6. that i have been welcomed into Chris's family in Australia

5. that my sisters have established fulfilling lives for themselves

4. that my parents continue to provide me with an example of a supportive and loving relationship

3. that i had the chance to step off my career track. reevaluate and rediscover my options

2. that I have travelled many miles on five continents, seen countless spectacular sights, met dozens of inspiring people and experienced innumberable unique escapades

1. that i went to that bar that night and met that boy

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