Thursday, March 15, 2007

yet another sign....

....that I have reached the twilight of my twenties. Last week I received a generous sample of L'Oreal's Refinish. The stuff is amzing. Its take alot to impress this cynical someone who's skin care routine generally consists of whatever fash wash was on sale the week I had to stock up. Not only is my skin blemish free (which I am sure has more to do with my junk food free diet) but it literally has made my pores smaller, my skin tone more even and my complexion more radiant. All those unbelievable claims that are splashed across the box have in this case been the truth. So I was loving my new found glow until reading the enclosed brochure a little closer.

"Replenish has been developed for people aged 30 and upwards"

Well this 29 year 7 month old is sporting smooth soft skin even if it does mean that reality is sinking in.

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